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Choosing colour

Singel is a great yarn especially for comfy shawls


My inspiration for knitting projects often spur from a certain colour or combination of colours. I believe that colours that inspire you from the first moment you see them, will be the ones that make your finished garment a favourite of yours. Having said that, it can sometimes be hard to combine your power colours with the patterns you like the most.

One of my favourite things to do while planning a new project is to lay out my stash and play with different ways to combine colours and shades. It is like laying solving a mystery and somehow always being right... Sometimes it turns out that the combination you had in mind for a specific pattern just doesn't work, and instead you find yourself with a surprise combination of colours that gives the perfect boost to the project. One of the perks of being a dyer is that you can play with colours and sometimes even surprise yourself! 

I like colours that are strong and vibrant, colours that energize and keep me happy. What about you - what colours are your power colours? 

Yours, Anki

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