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Yarn Advent Calendar
Yarn Advent Calendar
Yarn Advent Calendar

Yarn Advent Calendar

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The Yarn Advent Calender is a fusion between crafting and a traditional Advent Calendar with 24 hatches. Behind each large hatch you will day by day find mini skeins dyed by Finnish indie dyers as well as crochet and knitting patterns by Finnish top designers like Merja Ojanperä, Sari Åström/Arteeni and Anne Vierimaa/Anceliga Design. There are some truly beautiful designs to be expected!
The Yarn Advent Calendar box itself is beautiful and very suitable as a gift. It is made out of recyclable materials and the dimensions  are 37 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm. It contains 22 mini skeins, hand dyed and special yarns, a few surprises and many crafting patterns. Waiting for Christmas and colours associated with the season is the theme for this Advent Calendar. The Yarn Advent Calendar brings crafting joy and a little luxury into the everyday life during the dark days of December all the way to Christmas Eve. It offers you a bit of serenity and elements of surprise that signify Christmas time from the first days of December.
The physical Calendars are available in limited numbers,  but you can join us on our journey through Christmas time on social media. Surprise content is published on continually Get your own Yarn Advent Calendar to bring that exciting festive feel for yourself or as a pre-Christmas gift to someone dear.
The Calendars are now available for pre-order and shipping will start in September.